Emmanuel Ovalle
& Kiana Rouchon

Emmanuel and Kiana serve as the leaders for the student ministry at Christ Centered Church. They are both dedicated to understanding and teaching the Word of God to our students, and they work hard to keep the students connected to each other and the entire Christ Centered Church family.


LeRoy Albertini

LeRoy serves as the leader for Guest Services at Christ Centered Church. He is married to Jennifer, and they have a 9 year old son, Rowan. LeRoy is a talented leader whose dedication and strong work ethic are a rare combination. We are so thankful for LeRoy’s leadership!


Reggie Youyoute

Reggie serves as the Campus Coordinator for Christ Centered Church. He oversees the setup and breakdown for our worship gatherings, and he provides support and leadership for all the other leaders and our Dream Teamers serving on Sundays. Reggie leads at a high level, but he is also willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done!


Jose Erazo

Jose serves as the Music Director for the worship gatherings at Christ Centered Church. He is married to Andreea, and they have three children: Luca, Aaliyah, and Lyam. Jose is a talented musician and leader, and his contributions to our team includes hard work behind the scenes each week preparing for and setting up for worship gatherings.


Carin Varela Cabral

Carin serves as the C2 Kids leader at Christ Centered Church. She has two children, Sahara and Jona. Carin is a talented leader who brings a professional and caring feel to C2 Kids and ensures that the environments are always 1) safe, 2) gospel-centered, and 3) fun. She does an excellent job investing in and leading the coaches and Dream Teamers that make C2 Kids effective at partnering with parents to make disciples of their children.


Jennifer Albertini

Jennifer serves as the Executive Assistant at Christ Centered Church. She is married to LeRoy, and they have a 9 year old son, Rowan. Jennifer is a multi-talented administrator and manager who is able to learn new skills and adapt to new challenges quickly. She is involved in virtually every aspect of church life at Christ Centered Church, and she makes 1,000 little things happen that contribute to the overall health of the church.